A Lifetime Consists of One Day After The Other

Our human nature pushes us to create in an instant that which takes hours, days and years to accomplish. We want the successes of a lifetime and the lessons that lifetime provides without putting in the time and accumulating day after day experiences.

Maybe it is my age that is the reason for my meditations of life. I’m 62 and as history has demonstrated, I’m in the last quadrant of life. I do not know how many years that will be and noone does but none the less, it gives me pause to think about where I am in this great universe we call life.

One of my projects for 2015 is redoing my photo albums as most of them have fallen apart. I feel like I’m in an alternate dimension when I look at a photo of my dad on his 39th birthday, a birthday that has already passed me by two decades ago.

I found my baby book that mom created. One of the many things which she put in there was the baby gifts people gave. Remember, this is over 60 years ago so the value of money was so different. My grandma and grandpa gave me $1. Back in that day $1 bought a lot more than it does now.

So the thing to remember whether at the beginning of life, in the middle or in the last quadrant of life, the accumulation of days eventually make a lifetime.

Happy living!


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