The Lyrics of Human Nature

I have been a student of human nature for a long time. Humans have a typical nature. It is the Common regular things which we expect people to do. Some of these have to do with morals. Other expectations are simply what we want from other humans like respect, like views, honesty and non-confrontational conversations.

I had a conversation with a gentleman once during a square dance event. I made a comment about a situation and I expected him to add to the subject but what he said had nothing to do with what I just said. We danced around for awhile each one of us talking about something different and smiling like we knew what was going on.

We all want to find that human nature we can relate to and without effort talk and laugh about the meaningful things. Each woman and man have the right to experience at least once this immortal type of relationship. Unfortunately, this is more rare than common.

I’ve known this level of closeness and understanding one time with one special individual. He knew what I felt, thought and things I didn’t even know about myself. Even though the miles are far between us now and because of circumstances we do not hear each other’s voice often there is a communion between our souls that will last forever

The sanctity of a relationship and oneness such as this is more valuable than all the blocks of gold in Fort Knox.


2 thoughts on “The Lyrics of Human Nature

  1. Maybe I’m too jaded, but I don’t believe in that closeness. At least, I don’t believe it forms with the typical narrative of boy-meets-girl (Same-sex also applies) and conversations into the night. I think strong connections only form with people you’ve been with since childhood, or among soldiers who served in the same unit under fire.

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    • I actually agree with you. Do NOT believe in love at first sight. The relationship I’m referring to began over 40 years ago but because of a strict society within which I live, we were forbidden. 10 years ago when he got in touch with me we found out the “oneness” still exisited.


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