The Curve Ahead

CurveI’ve traveled many extra miles beyond what I had planned because I could not squelch the curiosity deep in my soul of what was around the next curve. I took this picture this afternoon while I was our for a Sunday afternoon drive. It reminded me of my life. When I was a child, my family had a custom of going for a drive through the countryside on Saturday afternoon. I loved those drives because we usually traveled over unfamiliar roads which wound around and around.

I still remember urging my Dad to keep going around one more curve to see what was there. In those days, the unknown intrigued me; the same thing that scared me as I got older. In my childhood, I had not lived life, been disappointed and hurt by that thing just around the curve.

As I started living year after year after year, I began to experience the “full circle” effect of life events, slam downs, losses, love and loves lost. Just beyond the pain is the joy of healing and just on the other side of loss is the blessing of great gifts.

Today, the childhood excitement of what was around that curve just ahead has returned because I understand the “full circle of life”. God gives up and above what we could plan just around the next curve after loss and hurt.

So, I do not know what’s around the next curve but one thing I do know is that I’m strong for the battle because that is what my Heavenly Father has promised me. There is love again, balm for a broken heart, gain after loss; that’s just the way it is. Or maybe that is the truth I’ve chosen to believe.


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