Today I Celebrate

At the beginning of June, I felt so thankful for so many things that I declared June to be a month full of celebration! My health, my home, my relationships past and present and then those which have spanned an infinite number of years. A job which I enjoy, the means to pay bills and create savings, an opportunity to bless and inspire people.

Because I feel the need to celebrate does not mean I have not suffered loss. I have — great loss.I’ve suffered loss by betrayal and falsehoods. I’ve suffered losses by death of my dear mom and dad. I could go on and on but the losses never outweigh the reasons I have to celebrate.

I am the only one who has the power to make any one of the losses leave permanent pain deep in my spirit. So with that in mind, I turn to face the wind even though tears course down my cheek. With that attitude I soon realize gains for each loss,  peace in place of turmoil, joy in place of sadness and restoration of a lost love that healed a scar deeper than anyone could imagine.

Today I celebrate friends, love, opportunities which my Heavenly Father has so richly Showered upon me. Today I celebrate!


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