It’s All About The Forward Thrust!

There is not a soul alive who doesn’t have some thing or things in their “history” which he or she wishes had not been. There are words said to us that ring in our ears like the mondrone of church bells dolling  the passing of the living to a land beyond. All of us have had cruel people in our history who have betrayed us, slandered us and tried to disparage our successes.

God, the universe and the very nature of life provides times to grief and regret and pine about losses, hurts and pains of the past. I’m not discounting the need for the benefit of grieving. But living in anguish or grief or anger month after year after decades will dwarf us into a state of stagnation because we are fixated on the backward thrust.

Looking forward, our face to the sun, changes the premise of our focus to hope and new life. After my divorce I cried all day on my Valentine’s wedding anniversary. I was depressed, angry, hurt and hopeless. Then one day before my Valentine’s Day emotional roller coaster rite of passage that I’d engaged in for multiple years, God very gently said, ” that’s enough”.

He gave me a job to do which took the focus off of me and my pain and put it on others as I sought out people who had been a blessing to me in past years.

It is onward and forward step by step, one day after another.


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