Have You Arrived? 

Someone once said to me, “I’ve learned everything I’m going to and will not be changing, so you need to like me as I am.”

When we have this attitude any future growth, mentally, emotionally or spiritually will be stymied. Young or old, there is something we can improve, do differently or eliminate from our actions or thoughts. 

This is the truth in one’s personal life or in a professional career life. We can learn from every person we meet even if it is a brief encounter. 

I’ve learned what I don’t want in my life as well as adjustments that could make my life better, more successful or better able to handle a variety if situations in my life. Learning and becoming better should be a life-long passion. 

It is essential for a successful marriage, career as well as personally to understand the need for training and learning. I have read the same thing multiple times but after the second, third or fifth time suddenly a light bulb goes off and I understand in a new more complete way.

Whether a Real Estate or Insurance agent, a nurse or a stay-at-home mom, the goal should be, to be a perpetual seeker of knowledge, ideas and information and the passion to apply them to our lives.


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