“I Am My Best Trainer”

pictures-saved-12-1-08_0017January is the month when most buy a membership at a gym or start another new weight loss plan, meet up with a nutritionist or some other promise to our inward self that we will eat right, exercise more, brush our teeth more rigorously and the list goes on and on.

I joined the steaming throngs this January but  with much less enthusiasm than ever before, the obvious result of many partial  successes or partial failures, whichever gives less pain. So I decided to try and sneak a plan in underneath my personal radar so that I would not give myself a chance to declare failure before I started.

So I decided to make only 3 changes — no sugar, no fast food and lots more water. I’d gotten into a bad habit of eating fast food while working two jobs and planning for 3 meals away from home was overwhelmed. So I quelled my anxiety by falling back on the ever available fast food industry.

We all know it takes 21 days of consecutively doing something before it becomes a habit. With that 21 days comes a normality to our action and it becomes the “go-to” behavior. The 3 January changes I implemented really had nothing to do with wanting something to become a habit as much as breaking some destructive patterns. So I passed up the 21 day deal and went ahead and completed my month of January commitments.

February 1 arrived and I climbed up on the dreaded scales that sat mocking me throughout the month of January. I had lost 5 pounds which I marked up to a TOTAL success. But there was something even more important that I learned with this exercise I did in January.

I decided that I would eat something sweet and see if it still tasted good. So I purchased a couple donuts. Ugh! The amount of pleasure I received was at the bottom of the proverbial barrel. In fact, it registered as a negative. I tested myself later that day on how much I missed fast food. I mentally went down the list of my favorites when I was in town. There was not one for which I had even a small desire to approach and order from the lit up board.

I learned that I am either my best or my worst trainer. There are many things and circumstances which impact our physic and cause us to walk into destructive habits, physically, mentally, or emotionally. But it ultimately comes back to me. I cannot blame past pains for bad habits I allowed to happen. Again, I recognize that there are powerful events and people in our lives that do their best to destroy us.

It still comes back to I am my own best trainer. I am with myself all the time. I am slow walking myself through those painful valleys and making sure I do not get bogged down in the muck of the swamps of bad memories. I am in my head making great food choices. I am my best trainer. With that premise, I will always have my best interests close to my heart to use to make nutritious healthy decisions.




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