I’m Not a Procrastinator, But I Procrastinate

sunflower-1Labels, labels, labels! I really do not like labels because they too often degrade and vilify ones character. So rather than label myself as a procrastinator,  which I’m not, but on occasion, I procrastinate. So why is it important to write about the difference between a procrastinator and to procrastinate.

It is important because we hurt ourselves sometimes without knowing or realizing it. We label ourselves to our destruction. It seems it is easy to see our deficits but not the many things to our credit.

Two boxes of Christmas decorations are still sitting on my couch. So I have procrastinated putting them in their prospective storage places under my RV. I wanted to repack them into plastic storage containers and put them in a storage area at the back of my RV rather than on the side. Sometimes a project does not rise to the level of my immediate and full attention. The boxes were not interfering with the flow of my life so, yes, I procrastinated taking care of  them.

Since I’ve been thinking about this procrastination thing for a couple of days now, I decided the boxes were annoying me enough to do something about it. After I finished a day of substitute teaching at the local high school, I drove to the closest WalMart and purchased the 3 containers I needed. Listed in my day timer now, is a notation to store away the Christmas decorations this weekend.

I only mentioned this one incidence to make a point. You and I need to stop negatively labeling ourselves. This year, 2017, must be a year of acclamation of our successes and consistently turning around our imperfections so they evolve as the caterpillar does into a beautiful butterfly.

I am a winner. I am a hard worker. I am beautiful. I am competent. I am strong…… all these things I am through Jesus Christ, my Savior.



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