I Do Not Understand Hate

hummingbird-1Today, as never before, there is a new, more vile hate in America with no inhibition or moral perimeter. In simpler times when morals and one’s conscience were real and alive, people did hateful things, spoke angry words but there was an invisible line that stopped behavior and words before passing a limit.

Today, hate runs rampant and throws all caution to the wind. People feel they are untouchable and invincible because the person before them pushed the limit of hate and evil, they can push a little further. As hate grows in intensity it also grows in numbers and with numbers comes multiplied boldness to hate more, to yell louder and to cross another line that in years past was uncrossable.

In today’s political environment, hate has grown to an addicted high of sorts. We see it in action in the streets of our cities; we read it in post after post on Facebook; we hear it in the conference rooms of corporation after corporation and in the high courts of our country.

Today’s hate has another dimension — paid to hate. People rioting in the streets, blocking entrances to schools and colleges have been questioned as to the reason for their furious hate. Many do not know. Why do they not know? Because someone passed a handful of cash to them and told them what to yell, where to yell it and what time to be there.

The slothful will do anything to survive in these times without working, even to taking money to publicly hate someone, a President’s policies, a Congress man or woman’s belief in the inherent good of our great country or just because a person is rich. If you hate the rich, think again because it has been because or individuals with wealth who have started companies which have supplied many jobs for the American who wants to work.

All the haters may continue to defile America with their putrid hating but love for country, belief in home-grown values and pride of one’s accomplishments will ALWAYS win. The price is too high to live a life that belches forth the hatred of a belief system twisted by misinformation, lies and spite.

I love America and all the beauties and opportunities it provides and there will ALWAYS be enough honest, strong law-abiding citizens to tip the scales for good vs hate. As of January 20th we also have a President in the White House who is surrounding himself with men and women who hold a sacred love of this great land, which also will tip the scale for the good and righteous.

You want to spew hate and instigate riots? Do it on your own time and in your own space but don’t make the future good of America pay the price for your deprived urge to hate.



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