Faith and Doubt

Doubt is natural. We do not need to practice doubt or make  conscious effort to doubt. Doubt is the go-to response. We are creatures of the downstream phenomena. Water never flows upstream. All the good things we want in our lives have to be pursued and sought after.

Faith is always possible. Faith is a choice; doubt is not a choice, it is a go-to response. If we want to have faith in ourselves, we have to make a choice to believe. If we want to believe that we will get the coveted job, we have to repeat many times, “I believe the job is mine. I believe I would be a good fit for that job.”

Doubt is easy because unfortunately there are many circumstances and many people who re-enforce doubt in ourselves and our abilities and our worth. So a substantial barricade of doubt has been built up before we have come of age.

The golden rule says we must do something 21 days in a row before it becomes habit. Faith can overcome doubt when faith is practiced, indulged in, repeated in word, prayer and self talk. Praying in faith without fear that all things are possible has been the flag I wave on a daily basis.

I believe, God works. I believe, God answers with His answer in His time. I do not know what the answer will be because that is not my job. My job is to believe unwaveringly over and over.

Doubt will always be there like a weed in our garden. But with practice, faith can be the go-to response to situations in our lives.




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