The Process of Aging

I heard my dad speak many times about the importance of aging gracefully. When he actually retired, he found it more difficult than merely stating the importance of aging gracefully. It was hard for him to feel that his years of ministry were over and he was irrelevant to the current generation.

But the interesting fact is that his ministry continued maybe even in a more widespread way than before because it was different. He always was a people’s pastor and could communicate to all generations and all ages even to his last days.

After dad’s brain surgery and subsequent massive stroke which ended his long productive life, I sat down in his office chair and looked at the things on his desk. Dad was meticulous with keeping records of everybody he visited, the date and the time. On his desk was his last visitation record up to just a few days before he  went to the hospital.

He was doing God’s work even in the very last days of his life. I wish Dad had known how effective his life was even when he thought he was irrelevant.

Now I’m experiencing the later years of my life and know what it feels like to wonder if I’m still relevant. I have a job substitute teaching but need a little part time job so I can pay down some debt more quickly. I keep being turned down and the pet phrase which I really have grown to hate is, “….we’ve found a more suitable applicant,” or “….the position has been filled.”

Requirements for a job change. I may have been a writer in years gone by but now a technical writer means something all together different. So I’ve come to the conclusion, I’m not irrelevant; I just need to find out where my relevance is; where I fit now.

After getting one more rejection letter yesterday, it made me angry then more determined to find my spot in my new life as I age. I’m in the aging process and I’m going to successfully navigate through these unknown waters. Whether it is a job in a totally different field that requires more of me than I believe I can or different hours than I feel necessary.

Today is a new day and I will stand tall and stride forward with faith and confidence.



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