The “Feel Good” Spot

Maybe I think about this because from a child to the present I’ve moved more times than I can count. I enjoyed this process as a child because the process of packing up and going on to the next adventure was exciting. Remember, I said “as a child”.

When I became adult, I liked the uprooting and all the changes less and less. Almost every place I moved to, I envisioned never moving again, never having to change anything again. I wanted to put down roots for myself and for my daughter.

But, it seemed every 2-3 years we continued to be uprooted. Ever throughout all those changes, I was able to find a “feel good” spot. I remember in one of my apartments, there was a small cove in my bedroom, just big enough for me to set up a cozy little home office. Since I worked out of my home, that was a big deal.

That same apartment had lots of windows, something that has always been important to me. My daughter’s “feel good” spot was stairs. And that apartment was more like a loft because the front door was on ground level, had a little entry way then a flight of stairs up to our “loft apartment”.

After leaving that apartment I found a little 3-bedroom house that was more in my budget after my job was cut at the second job I had. It was the first house that Ruth and I had after being on our own. That was a fun place and I had two “feel good” spots there — our nice back yard and again my office. I had an entire room for my office and I decked it out in jungle decor including stuffed monkeys hanging from the vines around the perimeter of my room.

Today, my “feel good” spot is the swing on my porch as evening falls over Texas Hill Country. I love watching my solar lights blink on as the sun sinks deeper. When I’m depressed or anxious or feel off balance, I look out at the deck that I built with my own hands, the swing that sits there and now that spring is here, the Gerber daisies just give a perfect touch.

Whether it is a sitting room just for you to read and drink coffee or a swing that has that perfect squeak or a little garden where you can watch the tomatoes turn red and the green beans grow taller after every rain storm, everybody needs that “feel good” spot where everything is OK even though it is not.



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