What it is, Is not What it Seems

Bluebonnets-2017-2What do you see first? Do you see a field of Bluebonnets or a yellow daisy? Do you see the fence in the background or the daisy? Many times we see what we’re looking for  and what we are really looking at is something completely different.

Did you have a friend but when push comes to shove, there was no loyalty; at least was how it seemed. But suppose things are not how they seem. Maybe the most important part of the picture was that the friendship was more about the yellow daisy than about the field of Bluebonnets, but you just missed it.

Loyal friendships whether that is with someone we’ve known for many years, or a sister, brother, aunt or maybe it is about someone we just met. Friendships often are about an accidental encounter. Friendship, on the other hand maybe be about availability or proximity.

No matter what the root beginning is, of a friendship, the loyalty and sincerity of that relationship is about much more than how it began. Friendships can deepen even when many, many miles separate the friends. And years may pass by without contact but when that friendship yields sweet harmony like a bow sliding over the strings of a harp, time makes no difference.

All friendships are worth being examined and reevaluated. I found this out when I was caught flat-footed in a friendship that didn’t exist and hadn’t for many years. A friendship like that might be rebuilt under some circumstances but probably with many reservations.

And, by the way, there is nothing wrong with that. I have a personal responsibility to protect my emotional health and where the strings of my heart are tied. Friendships are cunning but priceless and good for the two people who are in the relationship and are walking over the uneven terrain attempting to understand each others human frailty.

Love your friends and always be aware of the field of Bluebonnets but don’t forget the yellow daisy or the fence that speaks of boundaries in every relationship.

Happy Friending!!!!



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