Do you Have a Bucket List?

We reserve our bucket list for when we’re dying and have only a short number of days to complete all those things we’ve never done. We send large bouquets of flowers to those who have passed on. We save our lovely speeches for our friends and loved ones at their memorial service or funeral. Too many times we love on family and friends while they’re lying in the casket. I wonder why that is?

In going through some of my spiral note book over the weekend, I found a bucket list I made a couple years ago. No, I was not dying, in fact I was 2 years cancer free.

I believe there are times in our life that present so many changes that we have to figure out what our passion is or what road we take next; what thing to do that will make me feel good about how I’m making a difference in other’s lives.

I was at that place when I wrote up my first bucket list and this year of 2017, I’m feeling that way again. In those times, I want to make sure my life continues to move forward. For me, a bucket list helps to accomplish that; helps to keep me flexible with purpose.

I have 25 things on my bucket list for 2017. They are things to keep me challenged and moving forward, broadening out and always ready to try something new, different and exceptional.

I made a bucket list for life not for death; to do and say things while I’m very much alive not facing imminent death.  My life matters; I matter at 64 just as much as at 25, 30, 45 or 50 or any other age. I have 5 things already done and 6 others in progress — things I want to do weekly or monthly.

I’m excited about my 2017 bucket list. People still rely on me, one of those is Killian Grey, my grandson. I’m glad I’m alive to enjoy is wee tiny life growing and developing.

Think about it! Maybe a bucket list could be good for you too!


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