Why the Wait?

One Tree-1I can honestly say, “I have no idea!” It seems to me that now is better than later, don’t you think so? This may be the question of the century but it really needs a good answer.

Patience is a Godly characteristic and one of the fruits of the Spirit, without a doubt. So is that the reason for the wait time in our lives? Is that why the right job seems to be forever in appearing on the horizon? So do I need that much patience for the piece of mail to arrive in my mailbox or the right housing option to present itself or my health issues to be resolved?

I do not have the answer to this question. However, I do know that God’s timing is perfect though it seems imperfect. He has reasons for delays and postponements in the plans I want in my daily life.

I find when I’m waiting that I’m not angry or frustrated with God because I know He does all things well. But I am still human and my frail mind and emotions  become extremely frustrated and anxious at the situation.

I believe God; I trust God but that doesn’t mean that the frailty of my humanity will not rise to the top during the wait times.  The comforting thing here is that our Creator understands our human frailty and He never condemn us for it.

The wait time will continue to challenge our faith, but we must remember that every day we walk forward lessens the wait time by one day. God has not blessed us with vision that penetrates the fog or the darkness of the delays. He does challenge us to grow up in faith, love and steadfastness.


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