Remember to Take a Look Back

We talk a lot about going forward and never looking back. Its a matter of reliving regrets or surrender to the past because the present isn’t working out.  

But think about this. In God’s Word it says many times “remember….”. Sometimes to remember, we need to take a look back and remember all the miracles, all the blessings and every victory God has helped us win. 

In the years I was gate guarding in the oilfields in South Texas, I wondered how I was going to retire, get my RV moved to the Austin area and find a new means of income not so taxing and on and on. This evening I took a look back and just had to stand amazed at all the details God worked out and how fears and uncertainties became inconsequential.

I’ve been here in the Austin area for almost 18 months. Because of that decision I can now  have the fun of caring for my grandson while mommie and daddy work. 

This is one time in my life that I took a look back at and saw a blessing. There are many, many more. 

Take a look back and be blessed by how far you’ve come by the grace of God and the wisdom He so freely gives


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