The Victory of Easter

Sissortail flycatcher-1

This is a Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher in South Texas on one of the oil lease ranches I worked on.

When Jesus burst through the rocks that served as a sealed door to His earthly tomb, He claimed victory over sin and all sorts of evil that Satan would like to bind the entire human race.  He died on Calvary and shed blood that was to serve as redemption for every soul born for all generations to come.

But it did more than that. Yesterday while pondering the power of addictions and how common and deceptive they are, as well as the many forms in which they present themselves, I saw and understood there was victory over them, too. Commonly we think of alcohol and drugs being the two most common of addictions but then there are sexual addictions and even addictions to the all powerful dollar.

There is an addiction to a past of emotional dysfunction that may be just as hard to break as any other addiction. Most of us have dysfunction in some form or other connected to our childhood, our parents, a religious upbringing and many other situations which we cling to as a worn comfort blanket.

Christ died to bring victory in ALL aspects of our lives and to give victory no matter what the addiction. His purpose for us is to live in victory today, tomorrow and each day that follows. But I must reach out in faith and accept that victory just as I would receive a gift someone handed to me.

It is a choice to live in victory rather than the defeat of sorrow and a rear-facing perspective. I choose to live in victory.  I choose strength over weakness; joy over sadness and laughter over weeping for mistakes and sins of the past.

Victory is mine today and tomorrow.


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