Why Write?

Old Tree-1For almost 20 years I did writing to make money. It provided money during the years of Ruth growing up and into the beginning of college. But first I had a love of writing that one has to be born with, in order to be a really good writer. Yes, you can take courses in high school and college to mature that talent, but you still have to have in internal disposition to put words on the page creatively and effectively.

But the uses of writing are more that doing it as a career. Therapists often use journaling as a means of healing from trauma, loss or grief. It is effective. I’ve written letters to individuals who have hurt me deeply then tore up the letter and threw the letters away. The effective part is getting the pain out from inside, putting it on paper and then tossing it.

When I start feeling overwhelmed with many things to do on different days and different times, I get a piece of paper out and start making lists. Now it is all on paper and my mind is not experience “atmospheric disturbances.”

I write in a MS Word document but sometimes I need to write the old-fashioned way, pen and paper. I experience more emotions when I physically write with pen and paper and sometimes that is the more effective way to benefit from your writing.

Write something today. It doesn’t have to be about the days activities, it may just be about some thoughts you have, something you want to do one day or maybe a pain that just will not leave. Write all about it and leave your pain on the paper at the tip of your pen.


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