Journaling Has a Purpose


Lighthouse South of Port Orange Florida

When I was a little girl, I kept a diary. It was a cute little book that had a lock on it. It had a space of about 5 or 6 lines to write on about my day. I do not remember what I wrote because those precious little books are gone. With more than a dozen moves and 2 extended trips overseas, they got lost.

So because I do not have them anymore, does that mean writing each day served no purpose? No, I do not think so. The purpose of writing is immediate. It may be the way to get a load off my chest and thoughts out of my weary mind.

I found my mom’s journals recently and was debating the use of them for me now. I have multiple notebooks of my dad’s sermons. Yes, those are different than traditional journaling. But think about it. My dad would sit down in his office at his desk and write page after page after page of truths, thoughts and compelling points that he planned on using for a sermon one day. He had a particular purpose for his writings — to minister to others. My mom’s purpose in writing in her little notebooks was more as a way of keeping track of life.

So why do I journal? I write so I don’t forget. I write to get a better perspective on what’s happening in my world right then. I write to get my anger  down on the paper and out of my head and my heart. I write because some days what I do needs to make sense in the bigger picture.

So the next question is how are my mom’s journal relevant to me today or did she write for her life in those years? When my dad wrote from the fire burning in his spirit were those words for his audience in his day alone? If I knew the answer the these questions definitely, Dad’s sermons would not still be part of what fills my storage spaces and my mom’s journals would not still be laying out on the table.

The 3rd question is are my journals going to mean anything to someone in the future going through my things after I’ve passed on.

I remember my mom saying that she liked to write about the trips she and dad made because then she could look back the next time they traveled that way again, she would know the route they took, the places they stopped to eat and if it was good or not and how long it took them to make the trip. Her journals were for her benefit in her life but probably are irrelevant to my life now.

My dad’s sermons were relevant in his day and are still relevant now. I have attempted to preserve and share his message in various venues because his sermons are timeless being built on the Bible, the most timeless book there is.

My writings today are, more than likely, for me today. They will be tossed one day but that does not mean they are useless. For me, they are important and give perspective, hope and strength the day I journal and maybe even in some days after and that means my writing serves its purpose.


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