I’m a Mother — But I’m Other Things, Too

Family Pic -- Logansport, IN - Copy (2)

Mom and I in Logansport, IN

Mother’s Day is one of the most precious holidays because it is wrapped up in so many emotions. A mother is all about love and nurture and patching up what gets broken.

I became a mother on July 20, 1990  on the birth of my daughter, Ruth Sharon Largaespada. It was a wonderful event and as my mom used to say the pain of childbirth is the easiest pain to forget.

Sharon & Ruth-1 (2)

Ruth and I in Houston, TX

Everything changes what you become a mom. I learned a new meaning to the word “worry”. New responsibilities sudden present themselves. I was responsible for a helpless infant. She depended on my for everything.

Now in 2017, that one time helpless infant is now a grown woman and experiencing her first Mother’s Day. So now I’m a grandma. I gave my daughter a Mother’s Day gift on this important da

3 weeks & mommie-1

Ruth & Killian in Round Rock, TX

y but Thursday before Mother’s Day , I took a flowering plant to her to put on her desk to celebrate her new office and new position at Capitol KIA.

There may be few other things that compare to being a mother but  all of us mothers are also women, daughters and some are wives. Women have an important role to fill at home, at work and in society in general. Daughters fill another awesome place in their mother’s heart. A wife has a huge and valued place to fill for her husband and in the home. All of these roles may compete with each other in real life from time to time.

But for me I want to celebrate this Mother’s Day for ALL the roles we as women are called on to fill. To all the women I know today including my sister, Marilyn Weese and my daughter, Ruth, my Aunt Miriam and all first and second cousins I have as well as a great host of women friends, congratulations on all the roles you have filled as women in life and how many people you have blessed through the years. May God reward you and multiply His favor to you.


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