Fixing the Broken

My dad was a pastor for over 50 years so we moved almost as often as military families. I still remember arriving at the new parsonage and surveying my new home. There was usually a crew to help us unload the truck and trailer that contained all our earthly possessions. The next thing that happen was Dad started fixing everything that was broken. It may have been a loose bracket that held the curtain rod up; a stopped up toilet, a leaky faucet; a door that would not lock and many, many other things.

My dad could not stand for anything to not be working. It was as annoying to him as a seed under one’s dentures. The older I get the more I see him in myself. For example, my non-working clock. It is actually a clock that hung on mom and dad’s wall for many years.

I found a place in my RV to hang it and it ticked away for awhile then quit. I changed the battery in it and gave the pendulum a swing but all to no avail. So last week I called a clock repair man to see if he would work on it to see why it would not run. No, he only works non-battery clocks.

Then I had a brilliant idea this afternoon as I was looking at the new clocks at the store. I have level wall in my bedroom where I could hang it and then put the clock I had there in the kitchen where I was needing one. I gingerly hung the clock up, made sure the pendulum had a free swing and wa-la-la!!!! It is ticking away as pleasant as possible.

My point in telling this story that finally the non-tick-tocking clock is fixed after months of laying around taking up space and I have a real sense of satisfaction that the broken is fixed.

I read recently that clutter can be a cause of depression. For me broken things laying around are a source of depression particularly if I don’t know how to fix it. The other satisfaction is that I did not have to spend money on another clock.

Anticipation of having an unfixable broken whatever is usually worse than the problem itself. I try to remember that when broken things  start swarming around me. My dad had a drive to get things fixed and wouldn’t stop till the house was in working order. I’m different. It takes me time to fix things one by one. But that is ok because it works for me.

So I’m going to make this a year of getting the broken fixed — one by one!


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