My History and Me


All dressed up in my mom’s clothes, purse and hat. One of the many pleasant memories of my childhood.

My history has some pain in it which affects me from time to time in varying ways. My history has unfair things in it. My history has incorrect mental and spiritual teachings in it. My history also has some very neat stories, adventures and memories that I want to live on forever.

It seems that the negative things in our lives have a forever life span unless we decide to change that. Usually it takes repeated efforts and a determination with deep roots to over throw the reign of negativity  from our history that bleeds into the present.

At a young age, my daughter, Ruth Sharon Largaespada, gave me a reason to delve back into my history and carve out those beautiful memories, unforgettable childhood adventures and put them in story form. She used to beg me to tell her stories of when I was a little girl and I thought to myself, “What stories? I want to forget my history!”

But she was a persistent little girl and I finally relented and made that trip back into my history. Do you know what happen? I found some beautiful stories, some lovely heart-warming memories of puppies, baby lambs and we wouldn’t want to forget the demoniacal frogs and my all too frequent encounters with them.

Before I realized it, I had a story book of memories that made me realize, I could make a choice. I could continue to feel a pang of pain when recalling my history or I could cherish the years of stories and memories. When I started embracing these events, these puppies, kitties, lambs, gardening with my dad, attending a “one room school” and on and on, peace came to my soul.

Remembering and embracing the good starts shrinking the bad, the pain, and the unfortunate circumstances in my history.  I’ve had a great life with many adventures that I love to tell people about. Our history only has negative sway over our present life if we give it permission.


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