Big Jobs — Little Incentive


Texas Redbuds

Even tho’ not classified as a procrastinator, most of us have procrastinated from time to time, I’ll be the first to raise my hand. Even though procrastination is not a good habit to have, there are a variety of reasons why we procrastinate.

I procrastinate if I have a difficult job that I simply do not know how to do. My ceiling AC filter has a plastic casing over it and it’s held up with screws. The screws had been taken out and put in so many times that the holes were stripped. That plastic casing laid around, always in the way but every time I looked at it I saw “Impossible”. Consequently, I would not even let my mind loose to create a solution. It was not that much of a thorn in my flesh to get it fixed so also lacked the incentive.

I procrastinate when it is a project or a job that I just plain DO NOT want to do. I have a planter that has one last dead plant in it that I need to dig up and I simply do not want to do it. And I have some flower seeds to sow in the planter that would be just beautiful so that should be incentive but it isn’t.

I procrastinate because I have more fun things to do first. I have nothing to explain this one.

But something different about my procrastination is that I eventually figure out how to do the hard project. Or I simply make a decision to dig up the one dead plant that has VERY deep roots, even though there is no incentive. Or I finish the fun thing and next on my list is the “unfun” thing.

I’ve been very honest about my weaknesses but I will say this for myself ……… at some point I DO GET IT DONE. My mom had the key and I believe I may have inherited this from her. When we had a lot to do or there has a real circus going on in our house, mom would say, “Don’t worry about me, I’m just going to putter around.”

She would do one little thing, then the next thing and the next till things were accomplished that needed to be.

No matter what is staring you in the face today as a huge impossible obstacle, have a cup of encouragement and do ONE thing, take ONE step, make ONE list that will shrink the mountain by a few inches. Day by day the mountain will shrink to a mole hill!


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