Credit Where Due

Old Building-1I wrote yesterday about big or little jobs and no incentive and as I was thinking about it last night, I decided it needed a sequel. I’m speaking for myself but am thinking that I’m not alone so the reason for writing publicly. I see the negative, the job half done or the job not even started long before I see the jobs I’ve completed, the difficult project I waded through come high water or drought and all the jobs started and finished.

The plastic casing I referred to in yesterday’s post, after several attempts that failed, I figured out an ingenious plan. I screwed oversized hooks into my ceiling along the side of where the casing was to be positioned and now I simply slide it in between the ceiling and the curved up part of the hook. It sits there very nicely covering the AC filter.

I am going to remember to give myself credit where credit is due. Many projects take a long time to complete. So just because it is started, you and I deserve a pat on the back and a few words of praise.

When I was building my porch by my RV at its present location, I hauled load after load of cement blocks home and placed them, readjusted them then had to level them and even changed the size of what I was originally going to have for the porch. I did it by myself so it spread over several weeks. That was OK because a huge project was in process and let me tell you, I finished it, stained it and decked it out with a swing and flowers.

We need to commend ourselves about what gets done rather than continually “self-whipping” because the job or the project is not completed in one sitting, one day or one afternoon. Give credit where credit is due and that is for each step of the way.

You might call it multi-tasking or a boredom avoidance technique but whatever the title sometimes it works to  have multiple tasks “in progress”. I have four afghans started. I had three house projects in the works, but just finished the glass painting on the kitchen cupboard inserts so now it’s just two in progress. When I get stuck on one, I can switch over to another. Or if I get bored with one, I take a break and work on something else.

Again learn to bask in the satisfaction of a job progressing nicely or completed. Self talk is very powerful — if it is negative or if it is positive. It is important to cultivate a vocabulary of positive, praise, and complementary words. Negativity seems to overgrow any garden without any effort so the insertion of positive praise-worthy words must be purposefully engaged in.

Praise yourself today no matter where in the project process you’re involved in. Indulge in praise worthy self talk. Who knows it may smooth out the many wrinkles you are concerned about in looking forward.


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