God of Light is in Our Night

Door-1God sees light in the clouds and order in our chaos. The night is God’s creation.  Within it is the blessing of rest from daily cares.  As we have fiscal nights so we have our personal nights–nights of pain, of doubt, of afflictions, and of loneliness.  During the night, the demons of evil attempt to overpower our faith.  But these nights carry with them the blessing of a rest in the arms of God.  Knowing who I am and whose I am keeps my focus on the Lord, rather than on the carcasses of the fearful and unhappy strewn along life’s pathway.


Job had his night when he lost his flocks, his children, his home, and his health.  Habakkuk had his night and cried out, “How long must I call for help…”  David had his night and pleaded with God, “Why standest thou afar off, why hidest thou thyself in times of trouble?”  Paul and Silas faced their night as they lay in jail with their clothes torn and their backs bleeding.


Wherever our night, God is there.  Whatever the darkness, the sunshine of His presence glows through.  However fierce the battle through the night, victory is mine through the Blood of Jesus.


Through the night, God’s saints gather comfort knowing that Satan cannot tamper with God’s “wills” and “shalls”.  As we, the Church, walk on through the night we will hear the bridegroom shout, “Behold, I come.”


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