There is a Time……

I just noticed that my last post was in June. I have missed writing. Ideas continue to blossom in my mind and soul of some truth, some experience or some new understanding I’ve found along my pathway through life.

I have a ASUS T-100 combo tablet, laptop, etc. It is compact and easy to take with me. But 5 keys on the keyboard decided that they were not going to work. So it took the joy out of speeding over the keyboard to write my next post. I have a digital keyboard but it so slows me down.

Then today at Walmart I found a USB driven keyboard and mouse combo. Now I’m back writing.

The therapy of writing is much more about how it benefits my spirit than anything else. I do hope that what I write is a blessing to someone but in today’s world there are so many places where we can get information, inspiration, direction, advice and on and on. I do not purport to be the expert on any of these things, by the way.

Every individual has a unique perspective on life, how to live it and what principles of life are the most important. Considering that, everyone has something to add to my perspective to make it more comprehensive and enlightened.

I’m 65 now and it seems it has given me a totally different perspective on what is important and what life is all about. I love life and enjoy all the aspects of my life in 2017. But want to learn all I can still. I feel that it is dangerous to settle into a status quo no matter what age I am.

I know there is a time for all things. There is a time for silence then there is a time to speak up. There is a time to write and share and there is a time to absorb from the writings of others.

So whatever time you are in, live fully in the moment. Tomorrow holds something different.


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