“Bucket List It”

I first heard the term “bucket list” when the movie came out following the pursuit accomplishing all the things this individual wanted to do before his death. So I assumed that bucket list was a pre-death activity.

Since that time, I look at the bucket list concept very differently. Life can take on an air of monotony and boredom if we become complacent in how we approach life in action and thought. This can occur at any season of life from youth to elderly when we lose the spark of enthusiasm.

At 65, I am in the 4th quarter of my life. That is not saying that I’m approaching death in any way. I may live to be 100 but it is still the 4th quarter. Two years ago I realized that I had lost my zest, my push, my challenge to new and better. Where was I going to go and what was going to motivate me to get there?

Then the bucket list idea became part of my annual goal setting. The bucket list is different every year and consists of 52 things. Some are small things I want to do and others are bigger and more involved, nonetheless it is the locomotive that keeps me alert, motivated and is a great anti-depression medication.

Visit 12 Texas Cities — These are cities I’ve not visited before and as this has been on m bucket list for a few years now, I have a growing list of cities I’ve already visited.  That is one a month and easily achieved without driving long distances or requiring minimal financial obligations.

20180105_120826Volunteer — This may be at a rescue dog shelter, a soup kitchen or at a church. I am an avid crocheting machine so to use up a lot of my yarn left over from afghan throws, etc.,


I decided to crochet beanie hats for the homeless. It is a great exercise in reaching out to others when we tend to get to self-absorbed. This is a picture of the January volunteer event and the 30 beanie hats I delivered to them.

Reconstruct Scrapbooks and Picture Albums

— This is an all year, but mainly cold weather, project that I am doing. I may not get it finished because I have stacks of pictures and albums of my own as well as those of my mom. I will share my work area and some of the already completed pages for my new album on TBTs (Throw Back Thursdays)

I have many more things on my personal 2018 bucket list to share with you but that will be next Friday.  All my visitors are encouraged to comment some of the items on your bucket list for this year.

Happy Adventuring!!


2 thoughts on ““Bucket List It”

  1. Wow! Sounds like you’ve started your year off right. I love the bucket list idea and the fact that you crochet’d 30 beanie hats, makes you my new hero – I tried crocheting but failed miserably at it, can’t wait to see what other adventures you get into. I always love giving back, so happy that you did that for those deserving homeless men and women and I’m sure they were equally excited to receive them. Great Post!


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