Saturday’s Pet Peeve

I am generally a laid back person in most situations. I do not suffer from road rage and I do not lash out when someone falsely accuses me or irritates me. However, I do have some pet peeves.

PET PEEVE #1 — I am driving down the street or road and need to change lines because I am stuck behind a slow-moving truck. I put my blinker on and wait till the traffic clears in the passing lane. Just as I’m ready to pull out, suddenly the vehicle behind me darts out and takes the passing lane.  He knew I was waiting because my blinker has been on.

There are several of us waiting to pull out and pass the slow poke so since I’m right behind him, I should be first, then the guy behind me takes his turn and so on. Now that is the way it should work — at least in a perfect world.

PET PEEVE #2 — A couple years ago, I did a stent as a seasonal temp employee with the IRS. Each of us had a cubicle with a computer on an adjustable table. We were lined up and down, row after row. I sat in a cubicle in the corner, my choice as it was away from the distractions.

There was a young girl sitting in the office cubicle second from me. She came to work frequently with an oversized bag of pork rinds. She would chaw on them for the next couple hours till I tho’t my head would explode. It was one of the most annoying sounds I had heard and even tho’ I tried to drown the awful crackling with listening to an audio book with a headset on, there was nothing to quiet that horrible sound.

PET PEEVE #3 — A professional is just that, right? He or she is to know everything about their specialty, right? So why can an individual call himself or herself a professional and yet is inadequate, rude and unqualified.

I had a favorite UPS store that I used when I had a document to print or a greeting card to create and many other unique things I tried to do. This particular location was managed by a late middle-age couple and 2 or 3 employees. All were helpful and answered my queries as well as helping me do what I had come to do.

One day I went in and EVERYTHING was different. Everything was rearranged, new, complicated equipment now stood where the simple efficient ones had been. The employees didn’t know how to run the complicated equipment and while trying, were also laughing and joking with others which slowed down the process I was waiting for.

After waiting for 30 minutes for these new up-shot employees to try and make their new computer programs sync up with the new-fangled printers, I finally stepped up to them and said, “Just forget it, I can’t wait any longer.  They were supposed to be professionals but knew nothing.

Now there are my pet peeves, what are yours? I would love to read them in the comments.


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