The Beginning is not the Ending

How many times we hear someone say, “I’m not even going to start because I know I can’t complete it.” Weight loss is one of the things that I’ve said, I’ll never get to my goal weight so why start?” As I’ve seen my daughter’s incredible weight loss success, even though it was a slow uphill struggle, I’ve dared believe maybe I should start again.

So I got to thinking of the philosophy I’ve recently bought into……I cant see a favorable ending so why have a beginning?  It is false for one thing and it is extremely faithless in myself for the other thing.

So something dawned on me this afternoon, the beginning is not the ending …. no it isn’t.  It may be a simple truth but it is still truth.  The beginning is just that and nothing more.  The beginning is feeble, little steps forward but it is forward strides not backward.

There can be no ending without a beginning so no matter how feeble the beginning is, an ending is not possible without a beginning.  My focus now is all my energies will go to  a strong beginning.

The ending is something that will take care of itself. The ending will be another story.  Believe in yourself right now.


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