The Great Disconnect — Business vs Politics

FB_IMG_1480101636335A rolling thunder from the west; a lone buffalo roaming new unconquered territory and a new message motivated by business genius and political directness burst through the darkness of 8 years of lawlessness, loss of moral integrity and massive breaches in national security with hope for greatness again.

Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring with a baker’s dozen other hopefuls. He took his message to the people and started a new understandable dialogue with Americans of all cultures and varying walks of life. The people got it while life-time politicians flopped; flailed and misinterpreted his message, motivation and abilities.

Americans fell in line with this non-political business leader who promised to reduce the burden of Obamacare health insurance; add jobs and create a safer America by putting terrorist countries on notice. His message was the same on the campaign trail, in rallies nationwide and finally paid out on election night in a historical win.

America has been crumbling piece by piece; brick by brick over the last 8 years as a man tore away at our moral fabric, ripped down fences of protection from foreign governments and put America up for sale to the highest bidder.

Donald Trump came from behind, defied all odds of continual sabotage, illegal votes and coercion to win the election by an electoral college landslide and probably popular vote were the true truth be known.  Trump ran his campaign on the Republican ticket. Trump won election night as a Republican defeating the Democrat nominee. But Trump is first a business man looking out for the financial good of the American people not scratching the backs or smoothing feathers of disgruntled high-need Congress lifers.

Then this real estate mogul and billionaire business man stepped onto the political stage not only as a newcomer but as a game changer on every front that mattered to the American people. That’s when the political dialogue changed from undercutting nuances and double talk to a straight forward business sense conversation. And that is when the political news media anchor and all his or her commentators disconnected from a new way of doing business.

The political dialogue has operated with certain players, specific measures and data counters to give a perfect analysis of Washington D.C. and what comes and goes. All these have been honed to a perfect science which is accurate and unfailing. That is until Donald Trump.

President Trump understands the political playing field but chooses not to make his critical decisions to grow American jobs, relax burdensome regulations and drawback federal funding money from the throne of political stature but rather from firm business reasoning.

Armchair political pundits, political couch enthusiasts and the political news anchor criticize, blame and acclaim the “wrong of Trump” because suddenly the dialogue has changed and their pat conclusions no longer apply but they refuse to grow up, understand and give credit to a new way of doing business in the Trump era. The issues are not landlocked in Washington D.C. so the politicians like Congress lifers can manipulate the facts, screw reasoning to a point the American on the street is left in political blackout.

President Trump is bypassing the sludge in the Washington D.C. swamp and signed executive orders that make life better for the American people immediately. He is a business man in word, thought and deed for one sole purpose – so the burdens of the American people are lighter.

The corrupt demagogue of politics is duly frightened by a President who will not be bought by big business, unions or Congress cheats who have been too long in the halls of their infallible office. Americans are now at the top of the food chain and the pandering and back scratching of lifers in Congress are being set aside. Angered, they are lashing out at every move President Trump makes to make life better for the American people. But we have a President who is unshaken by these power plays.

Once again, here is where the political commentators and armchair pundits are totally off balance with what is happening in America. They cannot do their normal cajoling, make observant political posts on Facebook because the game has changed. They want to talk politics. But it’s not politics now. It is America being run like a business rather than a political pun. The dialogue now is, that jobs are returning to America; large company conglomerates are investing in American businesses because we are no longer up for auction to the highest bidder. America is first, for our President; our borders are more important than other country’s borders; law and order is the new face on our streets.

American politics inside the beltway have become dark, divisive and entangled in greed and payouts. American politics are supposed to be about taking care of the American people, their rights, their concerns and equal fairness for all but not more rights or more fairness for some. Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike have become self-serving, protagonists and internally constipated.

The status quo in political arenas is predictable, measurable, proven and reliable except for the American people. The language has to change and the reporting must start reflecting the strides President Trump is taking to give back to the American people their country.

Let’s talk business not politics right now. The American worker is on the front page now not the tongue in cheek political sideways chatter that is stuck in swamp stench.


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