FB_IMG_1518742324384The saying to keep doing the same thing and expect different results are actions of a fool may be true in some respects and in some situations. However, sometimes you need to do the same thing with a different attitude, a clearer focus or a different goal in mind. Yes, you guessed it. The topic here is weight loss.

I am a professional, if the definition is determined by how many times you do it.  I have not had a weight issue all my life. It started in my late 30’s and because of bad habits I did not break and wrong mind beliefs it has continued through the years.

I’ve lost weight successfully with Weight Watchers in particular and on my own with no particular program but by limiting my calories and consistent workouts at the gym. But each time after losing 40-50 pounds, I burned out on the process or the special event I was losing weight for passed and it seemed unimportant.

So the obvious question is why try again with the spotty up and down history I have? I do not have a good answer for my reader except that I have a stubborn streak in me that will not let me permanently give up. I learned recently that it is important and necessary to success to have a specific “why”. I’ve started the journey but I’m still brainstorming for a “why” that will carry me the distance.

Many weight loss professionals say that weight loss happens mostly in the mind. Since I believe this whole-heartedly, I’m focused on mental changes and making sure my mind is on my side. Habits take time to develop and even though developed it is too easy to become disloyal to them.

February 20, I picked myself up and started once again on my weight loss journey. I know the beginning of this journey but not the ending and I do not need to know the ending because I am focusing on the first 28 pounds to lose.  Even though my nature is one that wants to arrive at the end of the journey IMMEDIATELY after beginning, nothing in our life works that way. So through the years I’ve attempted to temper that part of myself.

As of March 2, I am 6 pounds closer to that goal. Celebrating the achievement of a goal is vital to success. That is one truth that I will embrace on my journey today, tomorrow and the next day.


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